ACCURA digital gas cylinder management

Bringing more control, more efficiency and more savings to your business

ACCURA® is an innovative management solution for gas cylinders. It is an easy-to-use, secure, cloud-based service that equips you with the tools and insights you need to track and manage Linde cylinders at your facilities. 

How it works:
Every time we deliver or exchange a cylinder, this movement is recorded and uploaded to the ACCURA cloud. You can also track internal cylinder movements at your company using a dedicated smartphone app (which can read cylinder barcodes using the phone’s camera). Now with ACCURA, you can access this information using your smartphone app or a regular web browser.

With ACCURA you can: 

     - Count and optimise holdings
     - Track movement history
     - Find “lost” cylinders
     - Analyse usage and rotation patterns
     - Place follow-up orders if stocks are running low and
     - Replace cylinders close to expiry dates

This inventory intelligence translates into a number of benefits for your business:
     - Increased productivity
     - Improved safety
     - Cost savings
     - Greater quality and traceability

ACCURA is a premium service based on over a decade of experience working closely with our customers in Europe, including leading German automotive manufacturers, major Dutch oil and gas companies and Scandinavian healthcare providers. Contact your local Linde representative for more information.

  • General information

    1. Can ACCURA help me track the location of all safety-classified cylinders (to comply with regulatory authority requirements)?
    Yes. You can use ACCURA to quickly search for or provide reports on cylinders that are part of a specific safety or hazard class. ACCURA therefore supports rapid traceability and quality control. You can also consolidate information for inspectors and regulatory authorities.

    2. Can I edit or change my ACCURA account once it has been created?
    Yes. You can easily change internal locations or adapt the ACCURA functions that each of your users can perform in line with your changing business needs. For example, you can modify admin users, admin user rights, end-user profiles, end-user rights and cylinder locations. Linde can also adapt your account set-up on request.

    3. Can I run the mobile app on my own devices?
    Yes. You can download the ACCURA app and run it on any device with the operating systems listed in question 9 above. Please check the data protection / privacy regulations that apply at your company before installing ACCURA on your mobile device. Alternatively, Linde can supply scanning devices where required.

    4. Can I see how long a cylinder has been at a location?
    Yes. You can view this information for every cylinder using the Reports function (Days in Stock) on the ACCURA web portal or your smartphone.

    5. Can I see who has scanned cylinders once I set up my account?
    Yes. You can set up individual end-user profiles. Admin users (managers) will then be able to monitor detailed user histories.

  • Getting started

    1. Can I use ACCURA offline?
    Yes. You can use ACCURA offline if your mobile device is not connected to the Internet or you have no WiFi connection. When you log back on to the ACCURA portal, the system synchronises all the information you scanned with the cloud. 

    2. Do I need to scan my cylinders?
    You do not need to scan your cylinders into or out of ACCURA when they are delivered or picked up by Linde as they will be automatically added to or subtracted from your ACCURA account. However, if you have created various sub-locations at your site and you wish to move cylinders between these sub-locations, you will have to scan cylinders yourself as you move them around. You can use the smartphone app or the web portal for this. 

    3. Does ACCURA link to my invoicing system?
    ACCURA enables you to manage cylinders at multiple sites, reducing administration effort and helping to allocate costs internally, but it does not directly link to invoicing systems. 

    4. How can ACCURA help me ensure that I do not use gas cylinders beyond their expiry dates?
    When you set up your ACCURA account, you can also set up automatic alerts for gases and mixtures that expire. You simply specify the gases in question and when you would like to receive notifications. You can also search for cylinders close to expiry dates or use the reporting function to generate a report with all cylinders and their location. 

    5. How can I use ACCURA to locate cylinders more quickly in the event of a product recall?
    ACCURA enables you to quickly and remotely locate all cylinders in your facility at any time. This is much faster than searching manually for different cylinders and helps keep time spent on recalls to a minimum. 

    6. How do I download the smartphone application?
    You can use ACCURA from a PC or mobile device. For mobile devices, you will need to download the ACCURA app from the Apple app store or the Google Play app store. 

    7. How do I set up locations and sub-locations in ACCURA?
    ACCURA is an easy-to-use tool that puts you in control. You can quickly and easily use it to manage your own cylinder locations in accordance with your specific needs. You can, for instance, use the Load Form to define locations and sub-locations. Once this structure is in place, you can start scanning cylinders out of the central cylinder stock and moving them to the sub-locations defined in ACCURA so you can track individual gas usage across departments. However, should you need assistance, Linde expert users are on hand to help you set up your ACCURA account. 

    8. How do I use ACCURA on my PC?
    The entire ACCURA service is web-based so all you need is a web browser and you can log directly into ACCURA over the cloud. Linde will supply you with user names and passwords for both regular users and administrators. 

    9. How do I view data and can I download reports?
    You can view data directly on the ACCURA portal under the Reports section. You can download the reports you need from there. 

    10. How does ACCURA work?
    All Linde cylinders come with a barcode, which contains detailed information about the cylinder and gas it contains. Every time Linde delivers a new cylinder, exchanges an existing one or accepts a returned cylinder, this movement is recorded and uploaded to the ACCURA cloud. Similarly, you can track internal cylinder movements using a special smartphone app, which can read cylinder barcodes using the phone’s camera. This information is also automatically uploaded to the ACCURA cloud. This means that you always have access to the latest, most accurate cylinder information, which you can view or download using a smartphone app or a regular web browser.

  • Using ACCURA

    1. How fast is data updated in ACCURA?
    ACCURA is a cloud-based system that works seamlessly across all of your mobile devices and the Internet. Changes to the system are updated as fast as any leading Internet service allows – all you need is a functioning Internet connection. 

    2. How many subscribers can use the ACCURA application?
    ACCURA supports an unlimited number of users. Please contact your local Linde representative for details on pricing. 

    3. I am responsible for ensuring that staff in certain departments never run out of certain gases. Can ACCURA help me do this?
    Yes. ACCURA allows you to define full cylinder stock levels for each department. If you set up this option, the “Order alert and assist” function will send you notifications and alarms when levels are running low. ACCURA will then automatically prepare the follow-up order so all you need to do is confirm it1. You can also assign each cylinder a status, so you always know which cylinders are full, empty or in use.
          1Available to Linde online account holders in regions where Linde has a web-shop.

    4. Is there a difference in reporting functionality between the web portal and the mobile app?
    Yes. The mobile app contains basic reports such as assets by location or assets by material. The web portal offers a wider choice of reports and more sophisticated reporting functionality. You can also use the ACCURA portal to generate a wide range of reports that will enable you to trace individual cylinders across multiple sites at various stages of production – and back through the entire supply chain. These include standardised reports detailing who transferred cylinders and when, as well as detailed usage and performance reports, which can be displayed on screen or downloaded as spreadsheets. 

    5. Our company requires that certain gases be fully traceable, from the supplier to the point of use on site. Can ACCURA help me meet this requirement?
    Yes. You can mirror your company’s organisational structure in the ACCURA system in order to fully trace all of your gases and cylinders and leave an auditable trail for each individual cylinder. 

    6. What are the benefits of ACCURA?
    ACCURA enables you to work more productively and safely, reduce costs, improve quality and trace your cylinders more easily. For instance, ACCURA reports help you count and optimise your holdings, track movement histories and find “lost” cylinders. In addition, ACCURA allows you to analyse usage and rotation patterns so you can see what assets are not moving as quickly as they should and avoid unnecessary costs. And because it is web-based, you can place follow-up orders over the Internet1 if stocks are running low, and replace cylinders close to expiry dates. You can even set safety alerts so you know when a cylinder needs to be recalled or replaced.
          1Available to Linde online account holders in regions where Linde has a web-shop.

    7. What does ACCURA cost?
    To sign up for ACCURA, you need to pay a one-off access fee and a monthly subscription fee, which is linked to the number of cylinders you hold. This subscription fee varies depending on whether you opt for ACCURA Connect or ACCURA Total Cylinder Management (TCM).
    In general, however, these fees are offset by the money you save as a result of managing your cylinder assets more efficiently. See Question 3 for more details on how you can save money with ACCURA.

  • Safety and supply

    1. What happens if a cylinder doesn't have a barcode?
    It is highly unlikely that Linde will deliver a cylinder without a barcode. However, if a barcode does go missing, you can manage the cylinder in question by manually entering the serial number on the cylinder body into the system. Depending on when the cylinder was last scanned, you may need to call your Linde representative for assistance. Linde will fix this issue as soon as the cylinder is returned. 

    2. What happens if I don't scan cylinders on my account?
    Linde automatically records the cylinders that it delivers to and picks up from your site as part of its Individual Cylinder Control (ICC) service. Hence your ACCURA account balance will always be correct. However, if you move cylinders between sub-locations at your company without scanning, you will not benefit from the full functionality of ACCURA. 

    3. What happens if I scan a Linde cylinder belonging to another Linde customer such as a contractor?
    ACCURA will still track the cylinder on your site, but when it is returned to Linde, the cylinder will be taken off the original customer’s holdings. 

    4. What is ACCURA®?
    ACCURA is an innovative, easy-to-use service that helps you manage your gas cylinders more efficiently. It allows you to track and trace individual cylinders across all gas usage and storage points on your site. You can use this real-time information to run stock counts, track movement histories, analyse usage and rotation patterns, find lost cylinders, and set alerts for quality and safety.
    ACCURA is a secure, cloud-based service with integrated web ordering1 functionality so you can place follow-up orders if stocks are running low and replace cylinders close to their expiry dates.In summary, ACCURA inventory intelligence allows you to improve control over gas cylinders, optimise holdings, eliminate waste, enhance safety and ensure traceability. All of which translates into time, cost and quality savings.
        1Available to Linde online account holders in regions where Linde has a web-shop. 

    5. What is the difference between ACCURA Connect and ACCURA Total Cylinder Management (TCM)?
    ACCURA Connect gives you reports on your cylinder holdings and their movements. It also supports active, expiry date and recall alerts as well as web ordering1. ACCURA Total Cylinder Management extends the Connect offering with a cylinder management service (multi-location scanning), stocktake functionality for inventory control and cylinder performance reporting such as days in stock, days at current location, slow moving stock, cylinder rotation, gas consumption and unexpected movement reports.
        1Available to Linde online account holders in regions where Linde has a web-shop.

  • Troubleshooting

    1. What kind of devices does the mobile app work on?
    ACCURA runs on all Apple mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) with iOS8 and above, and on Android devices with Android 5.0 and above. The desktop version works on all modern browsers. Click here for more information on browsers. 

    2. What should I do if I forget my password?
    You will be asked to enter your password every time you launch the ACCURA tool. On the login screen, there is a link for resetting your password. If you cannot remember your password, simply click on this link and you will be sent an email that enables you to quickly and easily reset your password. 

    3. Who do I contact if I have an issue?
    You can contact a customer service representative through the usual channels, for example by phone or email. 

    4. Why does ACCURA not show any information for a cylinder I've just scanned?
    This could be due to a number of reasons. It may be, for instance, that you are trying to scan a cylinder that was not supplied by Linde. Alternatively, the barcode on the cylinder may be damaged or the camera on your mobile device may not be functioning properly. Try entering the barcode number manually, or contact your Linde representative for assistance. 

    5. Why should I structure my ACCURA system into departments?
    If you create a structure with departments and sub-locations, it will be very easy for you to perform analyses, trace movements and generate reports for each sub-location. Depending on how the sub-locations are configured and defined, you can then also allocate costs to different departments, external partners and subcontractors.