Liquid gases

As the largest supplier of bulk gases in Hungary, Linde keeps thousands of public and private sector organisations supplied with industrial gases, helping them to reduce operating costs, cut environmental emissions, enhance safety levels and improve product quality.

Our liquified industrial gases are supplied in large bulk volumes to customers by cryogenic tankers into onsite storage, for use in a wide variety of applications. Gases are stored as cryogenic liquids in vacuum-insulated vessels which can provide several days' supply and can be used, on demand, as either a liquid or gas. By delivering products as a liquid, larger gas users can move away from multiple cylinders to a single cryogenic vessel.

Gases that liquefy at low temperatures can be supplied in small cryogenic containers or large tanks capable of holding up to several thousand litres of liquefied gas.

Small cryogenic vessels

Linde provides a wide range of cryogenic vessels, all of which are designed to meet high standards of quality and safety. We can advise on the most suitable storage solution for you, and provide installation and commissioning services. 

  • Rented Vessels - Most customers rent vessels from Linde. This gives more flexibility if requirements change, and we take care of maintenance. The vessel is checked each time it is filled and our operators can resolve most technical problems on the spot. 
  • Customer Owned Vessels -  If you have your own vessel, we will fill it, providing it is properly maintained as defined by the Pressure Systems Safety Regulation 2000 (PSSR). To help with that, we offer maintenance packages to ensure that your vessel operates safely and complies with the regulations.

Vacuum-insulated tanks

For customers with high volume requirements and operations suited to piped supplies of gas, a bulk cryogenic storage vessel sited on the premises offers the best solution. Linde offers vacuum-insulated tanks with capacities ranging from 3,000 to 80,000 litres and installs these with the requisite distribution systems and peripherals at customer sites. We will also advise on where to locate vessels and safety considerations.


  • Cost effective for high volumes
  • Continuous supply 
  • No handling costs 
  • No downtime 
  • High level of consistency and purity

Hands free ordering

Linde’s tanks usually come with telemetry systems for remote tank-level monitoring that communicate how much gas is left in the customer’s tank. 

This allows Linde to automatically arrange deliveries and the customer is assured continuity of supply without having to worry about monitoring and placing orders.

Product Portfolio 

Following products are available in liquid form: 

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