Neutralisation and remineralisation with CO₂

Competitive solutions for pH control.

The SOLVOCARB ® portfolio includes reliable gas supply schemes and efficient injection equipment to perform neutralisation and remineralisation treatments with carbon dioxide. Our engineers will assist you with extensive know-how to make sure that all processes run smoothly, from installation to operation.

We will provide you with fully tested and competitively priced metering and dissolving systems for carbon dioxide. The application equipment of the SOLVOCARB® family can be applied flexibly in an in-line or bypass operation, thus offering a broad range of solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

Desalination: how to ensure a safe and reliable remineralisation?

In this video, we talk about the paramount role of desalination and how does it work. We provide a detailed view of the remineralisation process, where Linde´s CO2-enabeled technologies can help you achieve your sustainability goals in a safe and reliable way.

SOLVOCARB ® mobile - Safe, cost efficient and convenient
SOLVOCARB mobile is a Linde technology specifically developed to support operators of small- and medium-sized plants looking for a safe and accurate alternative to mineral acids. It is designed for easy installation and is suited to basins with challenging shapes as it is free-floating. Highlights include ease of maintenance, minimal power consumption and mixing capacity, making this a low-CAPEX and low-OPEX solution. Download the SOLVOCARB mobile datasheet.

SOLVOCARB ® venturi - Superior CO₂ mass transfer efficiency
The low pressure drop venturi dissolver can be used in conjunction with pumped or gravity-fed systems to provide high rates of mass transfer coupled with superior dissolution efficiency. Suitable for fresh water or water with a high level of total dissolved solids (TDS), it is ideal for a wide range of applications where CO₂ needs to be dissolved and accurate pH control is essential. This technology is easily retrofitted in existing hydraulic systems and ensures a consistent performance while requiring low maintenance. The SOLVOCARB ® venturi HT (high temperature) is designed to meet the requirements of process water and wastewater applications with high temperatures up to 85°C and a working pressure up to 16 bar. The stainless-steel body is compatible with most process fluids. It is also available in a corrosion-resistant metal alloy. Download the SOLVOCARB venturi datasheet.

SOLVOCARB ® diffusion hoses - Flexible solution for deep tanks
Designed for fast and easy installation even in operational tanks, the diffuser hoses will run clog-free for long periods of time without requiring maintenance or an external energy supply. When the hose is under pressure, the perforations expand to allow the passage of gas into wastewater in the form of fine bubbles and, when the pressure drops, the holes close up again. This cost-effective solution for deep tanks is ideal for both temporary and long-term use. Download the SOLVOCARB diffusion hoses datasheet.

SOLVOCARB® inline injector - Maximum convenience with upstream neutralisation
Specifically developed for the injection of carbon dioxide into pressurised pipelines, the carbon dioxide is fed directly into the raw water stream through a stainless steel nozzle. Due to the high solubility of CO₂ in water and fast reaction rates with alkaline water, the SOLVOCARB inline injector usually eliminates the need for a static in-line mixer. It can be used with a side-stream recycle pump to treat in-batch or continuous flow-through configurations. Download the SOLVOCARB inline injector datasheet.

SOLVOCARB ® reactor - Maximum performance for raw water treatment
This technology, suitable for drinking water applications, has proven to be an extremely efficient method for adding dissolved carbon dioxide to remineralise, recarbonate or control the pH of raw waters. Versatility is another key asset of the SOLVOCARB reactor. It can work within a wide range of temperatures, flow rates and pressures and is suited for in‑line or side-stream modes, and for internal or external use. Download the SOLVOCARB reactor datasheet.

"Many of our innovations were sparked by our observation of a specific customer’s problem. Working together with my water treatment colleagues in Aalesund and Shanghai as well as my colleagues from Linde Engineering, we have created a fantastic network of experts and a powerful springboard to transform an idea into a value-adding solution."

Jesus Orts, Application Engineer, Linde