Aerobic wastewater treatment with oxygen.

Flexible and efficient aeration technologies.

SOLVOX® mobile - Coping with load peaks and maintenance downtime

SOLVOX mobile is our newest technology, specifically developed for operators of small- to medium-sized wastewater treatment plants that need to cope with peak loads and downtime during aeration equipment maintenance. The free-floating design means it is suited to basins with challenging shapes and its compact form makes for a hassle-free installation. Additional benefits include low energy consumption and a modular concept to give operators more flexibility for additional mixing power. Download the SOLVOX mobile datasheet. 

SOLVOX® diffusion hoses - Flexible and low-maintenance solution for deep tanks
Requiring no external power, the diffusion hoses can be easily adapted to any tank or basin shape and remain clog resistant even after long periods of non-operation. Suitable for both oxygen and ozone, these hoses provide a cost-effective solution for deep tanks. Download the SOLVOX diffusion hoses datasheet.

SOLVOX® inline injector - Increasing the service life of pressurised pipes
The injection of oxygen directly into pressurised pipes has proved to be effective in preventing the sulfurous corrosion and offensive odours that are usually caused by anaerobic processes in wastewater. This technology has no power requirements and contributes to the partial treatment of incoming wastewater. Download the SOLVOX inline injector datasheet.

SOLVOX® reactor - Low-turbulence diffusion for the oxygenation of raw water
Available in eight different capacities, the pressurised reactor can be integrated into the main or bypass flow. Because the oxygen is added through the reactor, very low agitation is created, making this technology the ideal choice for raw water treatment. Download the SOLVOX reactor datasheet.

"It has been a continuously rewarding experience over the past decade to bring customers and the best minds of different Linde entities together to create new solutions which fully satisfy our customers beyond their expectations. One very nice example was a customer at a fair literally hugging one of our SOLVOX products saying: 'I want to have it'."

Dr. Stefan Dullstein, Senior Process & Business Development Manager, Linde