Aluminium melting with AIROX at SAG in Lend, Austria. See also the retouched and cleaned version: ID 106331

Aluminum solutions from Linde

We provide following application technologies for aluminum melting and casting:

Low-temperature oxyfuel combustion technologies (LTOF) 

This leading technology works as follows: With low-temperature oxyfuel combustion technology, the burner flame is diluted by the re-circulation of furnace gases, lowering the flame temperature.

•    More homogenous heating of the furnace
•    Higher productivity and energy savings
•    Less dross and ultra-low NOx emissions 

WASTOX® combustion process

Our advanced WASTOX® combustion process burns off unwanted combustibles directly in the melting furnace.

•    Allows higher organic content in the feedstock
•    Tight process and emission control
•    Lower energy consumption
•    Suitable for any furnace 

AIROX® combustion technologies

With our AIROX® combustion technologies, furnace operators can easily switch between oxygen or oxygen-enriched gases during the melting process and air during the holding phase.

•    Flexibility with easy switch from melting to holding phase
•    Greater melting capacity
•    Lower energy consumption
•    Lower emission rates 

Melt purging technology

Our purging technologies employ nitrogen or nitrogen mixtures to generate bath movement and enable hydrogen removal in aluminum melting.

•    Improved heat transfer in metal bath
•    Temperature homogenisation
•    Quality improvement through hydrogen removal 


OXYGON® 400 is a ladle preheating system that utilises flameless oxyfuel combustion to heat vessels and ladles that are used to transfer for hot, liquid metal between melting and casting operations.

•    Shorter heating times and greater capacity
•    Improved fuel economy and reduced emissions
•    Extended vessel refractory lining life

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