ViPR Cylinders

High safety, easy operation and precise working pressure: VIpR is a highly efficient and precise all-round system for acetylene, oxygen and welding gas cylinders, which guarantees high safety and at the same time offers excellent operating comfort.


Integrated two-stage pressure reducer allows a nearly constant working pressure over the entire bottle emptying cycle.
Very precise flow of the set gas quantity with welding protection gases.
Protection of the faucets by firmly mounted and ergonomically shaped basket.
Easy handling of smaller 33 liter 300 bar bottles compared to 50 liter 200 bar bottles.
Very good stability on modern welding machines.
Easy connection through the use of quick couplings.

Gas types, volume, pressure:
Acetylene 3.2 kg
Acetylene 6.9 kg
Acetylene 8 kg
Argon 33l, 300 bar
CORGON® 10, 33l, 300 bar
CORGON® 18, 33l, 300 bar
CORGON® 5 S4, 33l, 300 bar
CRONIGON® 2, 33l, 300 bar
Forming gas 95/5, 33l, 300 bar
Forming gas 90/10, 331, 300 bar
Oxygen, 331, 300 bar
MISON® 8, 331, 300 bar