Onsite Solutions

For customers with a high demand for technical gases, Linde Gas offers on-site supply according to the ECOVAR® standard onsite solution concept

 • Gas supply agreement
 • System consisting of a standard plant and a back up unit
 • System built, installed and operated by us
 • Portfolio of standard plants with high flexibility.

Partnering with us means:
 • Freedom to focus on core business
 • State-of-the-art technology
 • Maximum supply reliability
 • Long-term cost efficiency.

ECOVAR® supply systems are:

ECOVAR ® supply systems are built around standardised components to ensure maximum cost efficiencies. Standardised design and dimensions play an important role in cutting the costs involved in engineering, building, installing, operating and maintaining on-site gas supply systems.
Through optimal combination of production plant and back-up unit the ECOVAR concept offers solutions with minimal capital expenditure, operational costs and consumption of utilities, such as energy and water.
The ECOVAR ® portfolio is extremely flexible. Systems and system modules can be combined as required to create tailored solutions that suit local requirements.
ECOVAR ® systems can be designed for indoor or outdoor installation to fit available space and for availability of utilities (energy, water and compressed air). ECOVAR ® plants are generally mounted in cabinets, on skids or in containers for fast, trouble free installation/commissioning and relocation.

ECOVAR ® systems comprise a standard plant and a back-up unit to ensure uninterrupted supply all year round (8760 hours).
Automatic control systems track fluctuations in demand, automatically activating the back-up unit to support production peaks. The back-up unit can also be activated in the event of a plant stop.
Both the production plant and backup unit are normally monitored by our nearest Gas Centre to ensure a reliable gas supply.
#Environmentally Sound
ECOVAR ® systems are more environmentally friendly than conventional supply methods. Product transport and energy consumption are reduced to a minimum by producing the required gas onsite.

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