Gas A-Z

BOC supplies industrial gases for a vast range of industries and processes, including the healthcare, welding, and automotive sectors. Offering a wide choice of cylinders, we have the right product for your needs.


BOC stocks a wide range of Acetylene cylinder sizes to ensure there is one to meet your requirements.


We offer industrial- and medical-grade air for a broad application spectrum. Whatever your capacity requirements, we’ve got it covered with supply options ranging from individual cylinders to manifold cylinder pallets.

Argon Gas Cylinders

We supply argon in a number of grades for different industries and applications. We also offer a wide choice of cylinders, including our unique GENIE® package complete with digital gauge and low contents alarm.

Carbon Dioxide

At BOC, we offer carbon dioxide in a wide range of grades for industrial, medical, pharma and food applications. With a broad selection of cylinder sizes, we’re sure to have the right product for your needs.


Find the helium solution you’re looking for with our broad portfolio of helium gases in multiple cylinder sizes. From balloon through speciality to medical grade, all of our products are available to rent.


Whatever your purity and volume needs, we have the right hydrogen cylinder solution for you. Our flexible offering extends from portable GENIE® cylinders to high-volume manifold pallets, and from industrial to specialty grades.


Spanning the full purity spectrum from industrial through food to pharmaceutical grade, and scaling from portable GENIE® cylinders to manifold cylinder pallets, we have the perfect nitrogen product for your application needs.


With a broad selection of cylinders available in all purity grades, we have the right oxygen product for customers across the full industrial spectrum – food, medical and pharmaceutical included.


Our propane cylinders come in a number of sizes to bring the clean-burning properties and thermal efficiency benefits of this fuel gas to a wide application spectrum.

Speciality Gas

We offer speciality gases in a variety of purities and cylinder sizes, delivering the perfect product to customers across a broad range of industries. Contact us if you can't find what you’re looking for.